Since 1960

The Tosco Marmi Group

The Tosco Marmi Group has  been established in 1960 and is composed of different societies specialized in quarrying, manufacturing and trading marble and granite.

The Group owns the unique Marble Palissandro quarry existing all over the world, a particularly precious material  with an infinite variety of veining and colors that make it really one of a kind, and also manages quarries of Serizzo Formazza, Serizzo Antigorio and Suvereto Marble. For manufacturing all these materials the Group is equipped with a sawmill and a high specialized laboratory

The production capacity of the Group’s mining sites as well as the notable quantities of blocks and slabs always available in the stores allow  to realize big and exclusive projects.

Relying on its various companies, Tosco Marmi Group can offer many different products: blocks, slabs, cut-to-size, funeral monuments, columns and particular project variances made with numerical control machines.

Tosco Marmi Group has been working worldwide for over 30 years dealing with some of the most demanding markets and today it can offer high quality products to his clients, along with the experience needed to deal with the realization of big projects like villas and great luxury hotels.

The experienced staff and the technical office create the best conditions to face different kind of projects; overcoming obstacles through experience and innovation has always been the strength of the Group and it is with these values that we succeeded to gain an important and recognized role on international markets.

From the sixties to the new millennium

Tosco Marmi Group has been founded by Lorenzo D’Aloisio in 1960; at the beginning the activity was focused on residential market and furniture industry, following the rapid growth of the postwar period in Italy.

From the end of the 70’s to the 90’s the main activity of the Group is the building of marble tables based on proprietary design for the American and European markets, a business that contributes to give to the Group a leading position inside the market sector.

To face the increasing business development and the necessity to find new materials the Tosco Marmi Group buys the Crevola’s quarry, which featured a perfect material thanks to all its colors and its exclusivity on the market.

This uniqueness gives birth, from the end of the 90’s until nowadays, to a growing international business. Quarrying and manufacturing activities extend worldwide, from the Arab Emirates and the USA to South East Asia, with a particular focus on high development urban areas.

Exclusivity, which was one of the core business assets from the beginning of the activity, is still nowadays the strength and the key value for the Tosco Marmi Group. Crevola’s marble quarry is chosen by many designers and clients that wants to focus on a material which colors and veins are unique in the world and are the symbol of the perfect combination of elegance, versatility and modernity.

Blocks – Slabs – Cut to size

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Italian Stone Corner

Since 2009 the Tosco Marmi Group has been permanently present on Chinese territory with the trademark Italian Stone Corner, assuring just in time products  and services all over Asia.

In the last years three big warehouses has been built in Xiamen (Shuitou), Nanjing and Tianjin. Thanks to this structures the Group can always rely on notable quantities of blocks and slabs coming directly from Italy and can easily serve the Asian and worldwide market.

The client can visit warehouses followed by experienced staff and has the possibility to personally choose and buy slabs and blocks on site.

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