Million shades of marble

Our materials

The Tosco Marmi Group can provide different kind of materials to satisfy the client’s needs thanks to the possibility to rely on different proprietary mining sites. The materials can have a huge variety of uses and applications, from historical monuments to contemporary buildings, and every decision taken implies a choice based on both aesthetic and physical and chemical properties. Here you can find a high quality visual preview of all the different materials the Group is quarrying, manifacturing and trading, paired with a detailed description and a detailed technical sheet downloadable in .pdf format. Materials pictures, although faithfully reproduced, are provided as visual reference only. Actual material, as a product of nature, is subject to some variation in color and pattern. Artificial lights could cause some color alterations.


Tosco Marmi Group, relying on its different societies, can offer many different products: blocks, slabs, cut-to-size, funeral monuments, columns and particular project variances made with numerical control machines. Tosco Marmi Group works worldwide for over 30 years dealing with some of the most demanding markets and today can offer to his clients high quality products and the experience needed to deal with the realization of big projects like villas and great luxury hotels.